Welcome to Anneka Studio Filigree


My name is Ana Mejia and I’ve been calling Melbourne my home since 2016. I started working with jewellery and accessories in 2012, and I now want to share them with all Australian women who appreciate fashionable, elegant and high-quality Silver jewellery.

This venture began due to my passion for all things Silver and the fluent lines and sophisticated shapes seen in Colombian Filigree. 

Filigree shapes are mainly a by-product of hundreds of years of cultural awakening, tenacity and passion of Colombian artisans.

Anneka Studio Filigree is a jewellery and accessories brand that is exclusively dedicated to bringing you outstanding quality Silver Filigree, 100% Handmade by artisans from Mompox, Colombia. The city of Mompox is and has been for years, the main region for obtaining unique and traditional Silver and Gold Filigree as the “Momposinos”, have been perfecting this art for the last 400 years.

By offering this unique type of handmade jewellery, we wish to acknowledge the longstanding tradition and the immense talent of artisans, who spent countless hours working on pieces that reflect passion and love for their craft and their traditions.  We are proud to be the bearers of these traditions and as such, we like to inspire the Australian public to embrace yet another form of art, the art of Filigree. 

Who is Anneka? 
Anneka is a woman who feels empowered and strong,
A woman that is brave and sensible at the same time, 
A woman that feels proud of herself 
I am Anneka, you are Anneka!