Rose Set

Rose Set

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Catch an eye every time you wear these sumptuous designs. 

Carefully crafted to complement. Sensual and elegant.

Filigree jewellery is sumptuous and sophisticated but lighter than any other type of jewellery.

Each piece carries a fragment of the artisan’s soul, which is then transmitted to you, our valued customer.

Our pieces are carefully woven using fine threads of silver 9,75 from Colombia.
Each piece showcased has been handcrafted by Master artisans in Mompox, Colombia, using fine 97.5% pure silver threads, interwoven to create timelessly elegant designs we know you will love. 

Our Master Colombian artisans create jewellery filled with passion and inspiration, making them exclusive and unique in personality. 

Anneka Filigree Studio stands out in style and fashion as one of the few made-to-order, hand-crafted jewellery stores in Australia